offline reading of rss-feeds and your favorite websites
Missing a internet connection to read you favorite websites in the subway ? Maybe these simple scripts could be a appropriate solution for you !
Overview ## Authors and Licence

The source is distributed with the General Public Licence (GPL).
The author of these tools is: ## Download:

The current release-number is : 0.11

Dependencies to other software:
  • Perl 5.8.x
  • Wget 1.1
  • Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD,...
[daily snapshot]

## Overview

The motivation to read my favorite rss-feeds and web-pages on the way to the office was the motivation to write this small collection of tools. Most of the rss-readers like "akregator" (which ist part of the kde-environment) are only capable to store only the rss-file itselve for offline reading.

rssfetch is a small perl-script which fetches all:
  • rss-feed-files
  • images which are referenced by feeds
  • articles/websites which are referenced by feeds
  • files which are requisites of articles/websites
Rssfetch fetches the described files with a configurable number of wget which are running in parallel. This maximizes the throughput and minimizes the time to fetch all feeds and articles.

rsscache is a small webserver which delivers the files fetched by rssfetch to a rss-reader or a browser-program. The implementation independent to the different types of rss-feeds.

What does rsscache in background:
  • deliver feeds,websites/articles and their requisites
  • convert links in rss-feeds to the files available in rsscache
  • convert filesnames to wget-notation
  • deliver a special website which eases adding of feeds to your rss-reader(i.e.
## Known bugs/Limitations

  • wget does not deliver proper status-codes for fetching pages with their requisites (therefore rssfetch is not able to detect if a page ist fetched completely
  • not any requisite-content is fetched by wget